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The Agile Mind-Set by Gil Broza The Human Side of Agile by Gil Broza

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Something Happened on the Way to Agile: Overcome common Agile challenges and concerns with this free 20-day mini-program. Comes with a complimentary subscription to the 3P Vantage Point ezine.

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Agile Coaching | Agile Training

Is product delivery slow and arduous?

Are business priorities and changes hard to keep up with?

Are you concerned by low productivity and quality?

Agile Tune-up

Are you less than satisfied with your Agile teams' performance, visibility or reliability?

Are the teams gradually falling back on old habits?

Do you think their Agile implementation could use a boost or a make-over?

Agile Training | Readiness Assessment

Do your teams intend to adopt Agile principles on their own, but aren’t sure how to practice them?

Are you starting your first or second Agile project, and could use some guidance?